Motivate Your Mornings

Caffeinated Hot Chocolate
Handcrafted in Klamath Falls, Oregon

An idea sparked from a desire for an energy boost without the bitter taste of coffee, Motive Hot Chocolate is a handcrafted hot chocolate blend that offers a sweet, comforting, and affordable way to get your caffeine fix each morning. 

Caffeinated Blend

The blend that inspired Motive 

This delightful, rich blend takes everything you already love about hot chocolate and enhances it with a boost of caffeine. A single serving of our caffeinated blend includes the same amount of caffeine as a cup of black coffee.

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Regular Blend

All the flavor, without the caffeine

The regular blend is perfect for anyone who isn't looking for caffeine in their drink. It has all the flavor of our caffeinated blend without the added caffeine. Mix this up for your kids in the morning or as a treat for yourself before bed.

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